It is the question at every crime scene. What is the motivation of the perpetrator?

Think about the scenes of your life. What is you motivation? It all comes back to “WHY”?

I look back through my life and I see the times where I have been more motivated and times where I have been less motivated all come back the the “WHY”.

When my “why” for living has been strong and well articulated I have been achieving and getting things done. In other times where the why has been less well articulated I have been ‘getting by’ and getting by is not a great place to stay.

If you want to be thriving in life and you are finding the motivation lacking to get started, go back and work on the what you want to achieve and why that is important to you.

Then, all of a sudden, you will find yourself motivated.

This is Australia

Welcome to Australia. We have all sorts of things that can bite and give you a nasty sting. The ‘Scared Weird Little Guys’ sung it best in come to Australia:


One of the best things about Australia is the bush. You don’t have to get too far off the beaten track to find these guys.

Kangaroos grazing in the morning


I was heading up this mountain… sorry hill and the kangaroos were just minding there own business grabbing some breakfast in the morning light.

Canberra Hills


And once far enough up the hill the view in the other direction is breathtaking.

Brindabella's in the morning light



Never give in

If you have gotten started and you don’t stop you will win.

The problem is when you get started there are obstacles that get in your way.

They will either stop you or you will overcome them.

This might sound just a little bit simple but I am a fan of simple. Why make something complicated when simple is the easier way.

Excuses make things complicated.

Action is much simpler and it is much more fun.

This morning I could have stayed bed.

I got up and continued on with my plan to loose extra kilos by cycling at least half an hour 3 times a week.

By the time I got to the little hill that I like to climb I was really puffing. I parked my bike at the bottom of the path and kept on climbing on foot to see the glorious light of the sun rise on the Brindabella mountains .

I took out my iPhone to capture this and found that it had powered itself off. So as I took in this scene and just enjoyed it I noticed that just in front of me about 20 meters away was about 20 grey kangaroos.

Magnificent. My early bird reward.

Don’t give up because when you get started and keep going there are all sorts of unexpected blessings on the way.

Get Started

What is it that you are wanting to achieve?

Get started.

What is that thing that you thought that one day you might be able to do?

Get started.

What is that dream that you have pushed down for so long?

Get it out, dust it off and get started.

You have amazing potential to do, to be and to achieve.

You just need to get started.

Stuff that matters

What really matters? Really?

What we focus on and pay attention to matters.

If we are hard working … that is good. Nothing worthwhile was ever handed out on a plate.

What is the cost? If you hard work takes you away from the people that you love then I suggest that you reframe your priorities put what should be first, first.

Recently, my facebook stream has been awash with new babies. Everybody seems to love new babies and when they are new babies of friends then that is even more exciting.

Even when the new has worn off, the joy of life lived with friends is the most rewarding thing there is in life. Love joy sweat and tears. That is the stuff that matters.